FB Online Shopping Center.com(FBOSC) was founded by a young and inspirational-driven individual with an entrepreneurial spirit who seeks to save consumers money online.


Online Shopping has become the quickest way to get products online that the brick and mortar stores dont have; making it convenient for consumers who have smart phones, laptops, and tablets to shop online, especially in the comfort of their home. 


Our goal is to provide a quality and fun user friendly experience while keeping extra money in your pocket.


Our vision of completion is just getting started and we hope to ensure that your shopping experience is safe and exciting while providing discounts using promo codes and online coupons at your favorite online stores.


We know that people are always searching for either a better price or a better service and we hope to ensure that our website provides a user friendly shopping experience.


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Caleb Omar Grace



Charles Levon Gaston Jr.



Matthew McKinney

"Its fun doing the impossible".

Walt Disney.

Never give up on your dreams to strive to do something in life that you want to do and how you want your life to go.